Labradorite Crystal Healing Vial
Labradorite Crystal Healing Vial
Labradorite Crystal Healing Vial
Labradorite Crystal Healing Vial
Labradorite Crystal Healing Vial

Labradorite Crystal Healing Vial

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Labradorite is a stone of balance, magic, and protection.  Considered to be a stone of transformation and self-discovery, as well. Labradorite will help to enhance your intuitive skills and allow you to trust your intuition. Bringing your intuition to the conscious mind gives you awareness to identify synchronicities. This magical gem will bring discernment allowing you to understand, what you see is not always reality.

While wearing Labradorite you will feel its potent energies during the hours of dusk and dawn. During the dusk hour, we resonate with the actual earthly cusp of Labradoressence.

Look up at a moonlit night sky, when the very first stars of the evening appear, you will begin to hear and feel your Labradorite’s direct physical connection. Being outside during this time will bring you in touch with your subconscious and assist in manifesting your highest self through the moon and energies of nature.

invites us to become more adventurous and spontaneous. Wearing Labradorite will guide and protect you on your journey and will nurture your soul along the way, allowing you to shine your inner light brighter and stronger.

  • Chakras: All
  • Planets: Uranus and Moon
  • Zodiac: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Scorpio
  • Elements: Wind
  • Sacred Number: 6, 7

I am also, a Certified Crystal Healer and Master Usui Reiki Healer.  I have a special and innate connection with crystals, I am honored to be chosen to create these little masterpieces. 

  • Healing Crystal Jewelry.
  • 99.9% Pure Copper Chain Round small link.
  • 4mm Blue/Green Flash Labradorite beads.
  • Copper plated Iron Toggle (Nickel and Lead Free) No skin irritating alloys.
  • Reiki healed and White Sage smudge and Full Moonlight cleansed.  Ready for you to wear.
  • One of a kind tailored cage.

This is your personal Talisman, set your intentions, say your prayers (mantras), or meditate and let your crystal(s) heal you. Check out my YouTube Channel and see the process and story of your crystal.