Hemimorphite Tree of Life
Hemimorphite Tree of Life
Hemimorphite Tree of Life

Hemimorphite Tree of Life

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This weeks beautiful crystal is Hemimorphite. This stone chose to be created during this very turbulent time. This Oval cabochon is incredibly powerful! After it is cleanse and reiki healed the vibration will be amplified. This beautiful blue crystal will halt all negative and hateful emotions. wear this amulet during unsettling times. This gem brings positive, happy vibrations of joy. Hemimorphite will help you with communication by aiding you to choose kind words to deliver your message. This crystal will assist and allow you to unload the burden of trauma, move forward and heal. Hemimorphite is a perfect stone to help you embrace new beginnings and new opportunities.

  • Chakras: Heart, Throat, Third Eye, Etheric
  • Planet: Venus
  • Zodiacs: Libra
  • Elements: Storm
  • Sacred Number: 4

Materials used:

  • Hemimorphite Oval cabochon 36mm x23mm,
  • 10" 18 gauge, and 280" of 28 gauge 99.9% pure Copper wire.
  • 16" Raw Pure Copper necklace chain (Lobster Clasp is Copper plated Zinc Alloy, Nickle and Lead free)
All pieces are Reiki healed and cleansed, ready for the wearer. Not just another piece of jewelry, it's a healing amulet. If this one is calling out to you, please reach out to me through one of the three links below. I'm dedicated to share with you the wonderful healing properties of gemstone crystals, stones and fossils. Again, my name is Joy if you are looking for a custom piece, I would be honored to make a special, reiki healed piece for you.