Round Pearl Ring
Round Pearl Ring
Round Pearl Ring
Round Pearl Ring

Round Pearl Ring

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Pearl, known as The Stone of Sincerity. Pearl will promote faith, charity, loyalty, truth, and purity. It will enhance your integrity and help you stay focused on your life journey. Pearl will calm unruly behavior and reveal the truth in any situation. Wearing Pearl will calm and center your vibration. This Divine Feminine Gem allows you to connect with your inner Goddess and help to draw upon your feminine energy.

Chakra: 3rd Eye

Planet: Moon

Zodiac: Gemini and Cancer

Element: Water

Sacred Number: 7

Hand hammered 20, 24 and 26-gauge Pure Copper. Each cage is unique and appears as I work, not pre-planned or drawn out. It has a hammered base for durability.

A special and innate connection with crystals, I am honored to be chosen to create these little masterpieces. 

  • 99.9% Pure Copper Cage:  21” = 20g round copper, 24” of 26g round copper and 12” of 26g round copper, Hand hammered and wrapped
  • 10mm Natural Pearl Gemstone, round, flat back cabochon, Reclaimed and Repurposed
  • Rings Size 6.5
  • Handcrafted, hammered, twisted, and bent copper design
  • Reiki healed and White Sage smudged ready for the wearer
  • One of a kind tailored cage