Atlantis Stone aka Larimar Ring
Atlantis Stone aka Larimar Ring
Atlantis Stone aka Larimar Ring
Atlantis Stone aka Larimar Ring

Atlantis Stone aka Larimar Ring

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Larimar aka Atlantis Stone, Dolphin Stone, and Stefia’s Stone is a rare stone created during heavy volcanic activity. Found in the Dominican Republic. If you find yourself struggling to control your emotions Larimar is perfect to help you communicate your true feelings by activating and opening your throat chakra.

 Atlantis Stone will help keep a calm state of mind while dealing with difficult emotions or situations. Wear a Larimar to elevate your inner strength, speak to yourself with compassion and allow you to receive and give Love.

 Larimar will help you to move forward, walk away from, and release lingering traumas that refuse to leave until you can calmly acknowledge them without anxiety or fear.

 Chakra: Throat

Planet: Mercury, Neptune

Zodiac: Leo

Element: Water and Fire

Sacred Number: 6 and 55

 Hand hammered 20, 24 and 26-gauge Pure Copper. Each cage is unique and appears as I work, not pre-planned or drawn out. It has a hammered bail and base for durability.

A special and innate connection with crystals, I am honored to be chosen to create these little masterpieces. 

  • 99.9% Pure Copper Cage:  21” = 20g round copper, 12” of 24g round copper 12” of 26g round copper, Hand hammered and wrapped
  • 17 x 11mm Natural Larimar Gemstone, oval flat back cabochon
  • Handcrafted, hammered, twisted, and bent copper design
  • Reiki healed and White Sage smudged ready for the wearer
  • One of a kind tailored cage