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35mm x 9mm .5ml Miniature Pyrex Bottle filled with Clear Quartz Geod

Hand wrapped with pure copper. Each stone chooses its "cage" the design appears as I work. A special connection with crystals, I'm honored to be chosen to create these little masterpieces. 

  • .5ml Miniature Pyrex Corked Bottle The pure copper cage; 28 gauge round bare copper.
  • Handcrafted twisted and bent copper design pendant. 
  • Reiki infused Gemstone Crystals.
  • One of a kind tailored cage.
  • Red copper plated chain necklace; the length is 18"/45 cm, 2mm wide. Material: Red Copper plated Iron. Nickel free. 

Note: Please take off before bathing or swimming to protect the cork lid and to protect  the color of the chain.

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