Citrine Crystal Healing Vial
Citrine Crystal Healing Vial
Citrine Crystal Healing Vial

Citrine Crystal Healing Vial

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Known as the Stone of Good Fortune, Citrine is essential for opening your Sacral Chakra.  This allows creativity and manifestation to grow and blossom. Wear Citrine to awaken your imagination. It is must have for the 1st step in manifesting your intensions.

Citrine will awaken the Solar Plexus (your “Fire in the Belly”), this allows for you to push through, let go of the past and create a new future. It works with your Sacral Chakra aiding the release of you Passion and Creativity.  The powerful energy of Citrine flows directly through your Sacral Chakra and expands through the Root and 3rd Eye Chakra.

The Creative energy flow allows for your imagination potential. Visualize these images in your minds eye and manifest your dreams and desires. Through persistence and physical work, this Gem will help build up personal will and give you the energy to Manifest your ideas into the physical world.

Citrine is one of the rare Crystal that never needs to be cleansed and it will cleanse and reenergize other crystals.  Its vibrant energy brings joy to all who are around it, transmuting negative energy into positive energy.

  • Chakra: 3rd Eye, Solar Plexus, Sacral, and Root
  • Planet: Sun
  • Zodiac: Aries, Gemini, Leo, and Libra
  • Element: Fire
  • Sacred Number: 6

Hand Wrapped with 24g Pure Copper. I adore little things. I have always collected tiny stones, shells, flowers. It is a real thing. I have a special and innate connection with crystals, I am honored the Universe chose me to create these little masterpieces. I would love to help unite you with your own special one of a kind healing crystal piece.

  • 99.9% Pure Copper bail: 36” = 24g round copper, Hand Wrapped.
  • 3mm Natural Rough Citrine Crystal point.
  • .5 ml, Pyrex glass vial, Natural Cork lid.
  • Reiki healed and White Sage smudged, and Full moon cleansed, ready for the wearer.
  • One of a kind tailored bail. 
  • Pure Copper, Handmade, Custom made 16" Chain (Complete necklace)
  • Lobster Clasp is Copper Plated Zinc Alloy (Nickel and Lead Free)

This is your personal talisman, set your intentions, say your mantras (prayers) and let your crystal/crystals heal you.